Morris dancing

Morris dancing is an old English folk dance. There are a number of theories as to its age and origins but we do know that it was around in Shakespear's time. It is danced in teams and I am a member of the Maroon Bells Morris team in Colorado.

In some lights, morris dancing can be considered a very silly dance with bells on your legs and hankies (or sticks) in your hands. However, I have found that the people who are willing to go around with bells on their legs and hankies in their hands tend to have very few hangups and are a fun group to be around. In short, morris dancing is fun, both because of the dance itself and the people who dance it.

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here are few photos of the Maroon Bells Morris team dancing at Denver's 2008 Ocktober Fest:

080928#6458 080927#6380 080927#6376

You can find more on my Flickr site


Since moving to Georgia, I've hung up my bells and hankies for at least the near future. To all my fellow Maroon Bells members, it was always wonderful, even when it rained, and thank you so very, very much.